Sunday, 19 June 2011

A bit of a grumble...

I know what i said about putting positive vibes into the world, but sometimes you just gotta bitch. Or not so much bitch, as just vent, and ask why the heck?

Why the heck do some buildings that are temperature-regulated, insist on such extremes? Whenever i go into a shop, department store or office buildings, i invariably find the following :-

1) In winter, like now, they are overheated to the max. When i first come in from the cold, it's good. I slip my jacket off, maybe my scarf, and enjoy the warmth. Pretty soon, i want to take off my jersey or cardigan too. Then i roll my sleeves up... before i know it, i've peeled off everything that can be removed in public, and i'm still boiling. I usually end up leaving the place, seeking the cool outdoors again, and having bought nothing.

2) In summer, however, the air-con is also cranked up to the max. On a hot day, it's lovely when you first enter, but soon it starts to get chilly, and then positively goose-bumpy. Again, it swiftly gets too uncomfortable, and i leave.

So why do they do this? If customers feel too hot or too cold, they will leave, and not buy anything. I know it make shopping an often uncomfortable experience for me. Also, it must consume a heck of a lot of electricity, and you'd think they'd want to keep their overheads down. [About the only exception to this, at least in winter, is The Warehouse, whose stores have very high ceilings anyway, and whose prices are so rock bottom that they would have to skim costs as much as possible. (Could explain why they're often kind of hot and stuffy in the summer too, skimping on air-con.)]

Do other people find this? And is it people in general, or only those on the spectrum who are likely to have trouble with this?

Or is it just me? Am i the only one to go through this? I am aware that poor body temperature regulation is one of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which i also have. So perhaps it's a combination of the two, or i'm truly being as 'over-sensitive' as i've so often been told. (More on this another time.) Perhaps i'm the only one in the world to suffer like this, and everybody else is fine. I'm sure wondering. What are other people's experiences?

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  1. Yes, I find this particularly annoying in restaurants. When I get the opportunity to eat out I'd like to not freeze my ass off the whole time.