Thursday, 26 October 2017

I'm Tired Of Normal

I’m tired of normal.

I’m tired of ‘normal’ being held up as the Gold Standard for autistics to achieve, as though our lives have no worth unless we do.

I’m tired of people implying that normal is ‘better’ or even ‘perfect’, when even a cursory look at NTs reveals that they are far from perfect.

I’m tired of people claiming that our lives would be better, or easier, if we were ‘normal’, or could at least present a façade of it, when what they really mean is that THEIR lives would be easier.

I’m tired of the idea that if we’re not normal, we’re a ‘burden’ on our parents, a ‘drain’ on society, an epidemic or disease, brain-damaged, or just someone to pity.

I’m tired of the idea that there are all these things that must be ‘fixed’ in us.

I’m tired of the insistence on a degree of ‘normal’ for autistics that is not demanded of others, with NTs allowed all sorts of quirks, variations, and ‘hobbies’, but our ways get defined as Bad Things.

I’m tired of the insistence of so many, that we must be repressed the hell into absolute conformity to this mythical ‘normality’, that this is somehow ‘better for us’. No matter what the personal cost.

I’m tired of autistic children being subjected to ‘treatments’ and ‘therapies’ that are either fruitless, ridiculous, demeaning, abusive or even outright dangerous, in order to ‘cure’ them of being ‘not normal’.
I’m tired of autistics being bashed over the head with normal, of us feeling that we have to punish ourselves any time we’re not ‘normal’, or others doing it for us, instead of supporting us to accept our differences, and embrace both our strengths and our limitations.

I’m tired of autistics being crucified to fit into normal.

I’m tired of being ruled by this Tyrant called Normal.

I’m so, so tired of normal.

Let’s get rid of Normal.

Let’s throw off the shackles of this tyrant.

Let’s stand up for our right to be our true, authentic autistic selves, in all our wonderful, eccentric glory.

Let’s insist on an end to coercive, useless, cruel and demeaning ‘treatments’ and ‘therapies’ that try to normalise us.

Let’s demand that The Powers That Be actually LISTEN to authentic autistic voices, and incorporate our viewpoints in EVERYTHING to do with us. NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US.

Let’s demand an end to all biased research, which pathologises our natural reactions and ways of being.

Let’s demand of the media that they stop with the inspiration porn and the pity party news items, already.

Let’s promote autistic pride, for all autistics, of whatever age or whatever ‘functioning’ level, and while we’re at it, let’s insist on the scrapping of the whole concept of ‘functioning levels’.

Let’s insist on the use of only those programs and approaches to autism that actually HELP us, not just try to force us into the ‘normal’ straitjacket.

Let’s insist on being our own ‘normal’, as WE define it.

Let’s do whatever we need to do, whenever and wherever we need to do it, in order to end the tyranny of normal.

Let’s do it, because we deserve it.

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