Saturday, 19 November 2016


It occurred to me that, with NT allies of autistic people getting together more and more, and with many parents starting to adopt the autism-positive approach to their autistic children, that it would be a good idea if there was a simple way for such people to find each other online. We autistics could also do with a simple way of identifying those who are our allies – and, sometimes, of finding each other, when we are new to the autistic community, especially online.

So I got the idea of the hashtag #autismpositive. It’s a simple thing that people can add to their blog or forum description or subject line, their Facebook group description or a pinned post in the group (probably best not in a regular post, as it will tend to get buried down the page in time). Or you could add it to the descriptive stuff on your own social media page perhaps. It seems to me that there are many ways it could be used, to identify other autism-positive types.

If you’re not sure what being autism-positive means, exactly, I defined it here in a recent blog post. It’s exactly what it says – someone who takes a positive and accepting approach to autism, rather than talking of curing, ‘defeating’ or ‘fighting’ autism, and other such negativity.

Anyway, hope you like the idea.

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