Friday, 25 November 2016

The Autistic Collective - Please Join Our Mailing List!

I wrote a little while ago on how I’m going to ‘step up’ and be more of an active autistic advocate. As part of this, several others and I formed a group we have named The Autistic Collective. We did this in order to pool our talents, skills and ideas, maximise our individual efforts, and facilitate the co-ordination of whichever campaigns we are involved in.

Now, this level of autism advocacy is not for everyone. Yet many would like to do something, no matter how small. So we have started a mailing list, which anyone anywhere in the world can join. The idea is that whenever we have a campaign going where numbers count, we will send people on the list an email detailing what we’d like them to do, typically just an email or letter to whoever, this could be a politician, a government department or agency, the press, or anyone else we are targeting. It’s then up to you to decide whether you want to participate or not. We can do draft letters for you if you’re struggling with what to say, or you can write your own.

And when I said anyone anywhere in the world can join, I meant exactly that. You can join as an autistic member or an associate member (ie a non-autistic ally), either of which can be in New Zealand or outside it – sometimes pressure from overseas can achieve things where solely internal campaigns don’t. I know from past efforts in this direction, that governments, for instance, do take note of communications from overseas.

There is strength in numbers, and this is something anyone can do, that may help swing the balance, where a small group could be ignored. So we are urging anyone who agrees with the aims of the Collective, to join our mailing list!

The aims of the Collective, and more information about it, plus the form to fill in to join our list, can be found on the Collective’s website, at

We also have a Facebook page for the group, at

Hope you can join us!

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